About ACFI


India is poised as one of the fast growing economies of the world and by 2030 Indian Economy is forecast to be the fourth largest in the world creating exceptional potential for growth in the aviation sector.
  • The aviation industry already contributes 0.5% of the national GDP. The Air Cargo Logistic Trade is an important segment/player in the aviation industry and plays a very significant role in its economic growth and progress. 30% of the total international trade in terms of value moves by air. However, this industry is undergoing lots of challenges. Therefore, there is a need to give proper focus towards the valuable contributions of the air cargo industry as it faces lots of challenges on its way at every step of its chain of operation.
    Various streams of air cargo logistic industry have their own trade bodies/associations to look after the interests of their respective members, like BAR-India for airlines, ACAAI for IATA approved agencies, FFFAI for Freight Forwarders/ CHAs, APAO for private airports etc. The absence of a single/ common platform of entire air cargo logistic trade for unitedly raising its voice against major challenges and bottlenecks is one of the reasons of its voice being neglected by the policy makers and the regulatory authorities.

  • Hence a need arose for a national, non-profit air cargo trade association, to deal with such challenges, advocate common issues of interest with the policy makers & regulatory authorities like:
And develop the air cargo industry to a new height that serves all major segments of the air cargo industry.

About ACFI

The “Air Cargo Forum India” (ACFI) was constituted recently by its founding members from all the segments of the entire air cargo trade & industry viz Airport (Delhi International Airport Ltd), Cargo Terminal Operators (Celebi Delhi Cargo Terminal Management India Private Limited and Delhi Cargo Service Center Private Limited), Freight Forwarders (Jeena & Company and Skyways Air Services Private Limited), Airlines (Indigo Airline) and Express Industry (DHL Express (India) Private Limited) to support & promote the major common interests of entire cargo logistic trade & industry.

ACFI is a non-profit nationwide air cargo trade forum that works within the progressive liberalized policies of the Govt. for the rapid growth of Indian industry in the global market through a sustainable air cargo growth in the country.

The members of ACFI come from all the segments of air cargo logistics network through invitation that includes:

ACFI is an Association Member of PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PHDCCI) and at the international collaboration ACFI is the Affiliate member of The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA).