ACFI Newsletter Issue No.20 Published on Feb 21, 2017.

ACFI Sub-committee “Innovation & Development” held its 12th meeting on 17th January 2017 at Conference Room, New Udaan Bhawan, Opposite Terminal-3, IGI Airport, New Delhi. This meeting was chaired by Mr. Arun Kumar, Chairman of the sub-committee and Managing Director, Insynergy Supply Chain Solutions Pvt. Ltd and attended the subcommittee meeting by other members namely; Mr. Cyrus Katgara, M/s. Jeena & Co., Mr. Manoj Kumar, M/s. TNT India, Mr. Sanjiv Edward, M/s. Delhi International Airport, Mr. Mukesh Kumar Gupta, M/s. Delhi International Airport, Mr. Yashpal Taneja, M/s. FedEx, Mr. D. R. Juyal and Mr. Brijesh K Sharma from ACFI Secretariat.