Mr. Yashpal Sharma

Mr. Yashpal Sharma

Managing Director
Skyways Group Companies:
Skyways Air Services (P) Ltd. Forin Container line
sGate Tech Solutions (P) Ltd. Skyways SLS Logistik GmbH
Phantom Express (P) Ltd. SLS Logistik Academy (P) Ltd.
sKart Global Services (P) Ltd. Surgeport Logistics (P) Ltd.
Yash, as the world calls him, has been in the Cargo Industry for over 24 years where his innovative ideas and comprehensive experience has led his Group to achieve remarkable goals in the field of Logistics.

Under his leadership and guidance, Skyways Group has expanded in 27 cities across India and international offices in Germany, Hongkong, Dubai, Vietnam and 2 offices in Bangladesh. The Group’s premier brand Skyways Air Services (P) Ltd. is proudly the No 1 Airfreight forwarder of India as per World ACD from 2017 to 2021 and regularly featuring in IATA Top 50 Agents in e-Awb usage since 2019.

He currently holds the position of the Vice President of the Air Cargo Forum India (ACFI) and is associated with several trade associations and forums.

Awards & Achievements:

He was the first person to successfully launch the World’s 1st web market-place for Air Cargo in the year 2000 – His commitment and love for his work and the industry won him the “Face of the Future” award at India Cargo Awards 2015; “Exemplary Leadership” award at Express, Logistics & Supply Chain awards, 2017 and “Entrepreneur of the year” award at India Cargo Awards 2017. Yash is a benevolent donor to several charities and additionally supports social organizations like ‘The Earth Saviors Foundation’ and ‘Chintan Environmental Research and Action Group’.


Mr. Yashpal Sharma is a graduate from University of Delhi and has been an active sportsperson. He played Cricket, Soccer, Basketball, Snooker and many other sports at club, school and university levels. He is very passionate about music and is an avid dancer.